When Super Bowl fans eat a billion chicken wings, the world eats the leftovers

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When a sports fan bites into a chicken wing on Super Bowl Sunday, there’s a good chance the rest of that bird’s body parts will be scattered around the world. Its breasts will probably be at the local grocery store, its drumsticks will be in Mexico and its feet will be on their way to Hong Kong.Story continues below

Americans will eat 1.38 billion chicken wings over Super Bowl weekend, according to estimates from the National Chicken Council (NCC), a Washington, D.C.-based trade organization. Canadians will eat 74 million wings, according to the Chicken Farmers of Canada.READ MORE: All you need to know about the Los Angeles Rams vs. the New England PatriotsThat means approximately 364 million chickens will die before Tom Brady‘s New England Patriots try to win their ninth championship on Sunday, in a showdown with the Los Angeles Rams. More than a billion chickens have likely been slaughtered for Super Bowl games involving Brady over his career, according to chicken farmers’ historical estimates.But while chicken wings have become a finger-food staple for major sports events like the Super Bowl, they’re only one part of a much bigger industry, and four parts of the whole bird (two segments per wing).WATCH BELOW: How to make amazing chicken wings for your Super Bowl party

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