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All right. Another big headline. The peanut allergy. A very interesting trial. This is an oral immune therapy medication that is given of the course of one year. They just presented the results this weekend. This trial was funded by the maker of this drug, but the goal here was to reduce the potential for accidental exposures and an flack sis. It’s not a cure, but they found that the participants could tolerate two peanuts. They weren’t cured, but this affects over 1.5 million children in this country, life-threatening allergies in particular. Cost, we don’t know. It might be available sometime next year, probably late in the year, and again, people are asking, adults? What about us? Exactly. This drug did not work in adults, but again, it’s opening up the future for if it can work in children, can it then work in adults? Why would it be different between children and adults? Children’s immune systems are different. They are not just little adults. Very interesting findings, and again the point here is not to cure someone of their allergy. It’s because a lot of people are sent to the emergency room with accidental exposure on airplanes, at schools, at parties. Even the dust from the peanuts. That’s right, and this is promising and by the way, robin, this hits home for me. I have a life-threatening Aller sdwroi food, so I pay attention to these allergy stories and the research going on very, very closely. You have to be very aware. Very aware. It’s not easy and it’s not easy for kids. Thank you.

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