WATCH: Video shows parents and students fighting at Georgia middle school


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Yeah, not an example of great parenting here. A football game turning into chaos on the field. An altercation between parents, coaches and players ending in a brawl. People throwing punches. ABC’s will Carr joins us with the details. Will. Reporter: Good morning, guys. Once again we’re seeing parents cross that literal line rushing the field to attack each other in front of their kids. This brawl between parents in front of their kids at a youth football game in forest park, Georgia, under investigation after two were sent to the hospital. The situation considered so dire authorities now considering officers on the sidelines. I’m glad my kids weren’t out there to witness it. You know, kids, they’re out there to play sports, be competitive. Reporter: Police now asking the public to help identify the people involved. This gridiron clash just the latest involving angry parents at sporting events. Last month you could see adults shoving each other while their kids watched helplessly nearby. Unfortunately, I think the heat of the battle, if that’s what you want to call it, just kind of got the best of a few on each side. Reporter: In Florida two coaches turning a little league field into a boxing ring. Incidents like those caught on camera has promoted some school systems across the nation to take action. Just last year the largest youth soccer league in South Carolina said enough was enough implementing a rule that banned all cheering and jeering at soccer games so that parents could no longer interfere with the game their kids love. We just felt as a board that it was time in a leadership way to do something to get people’s attention. Reporter: We saw another case recently in Texas where a police officer was hurt trying to break up a large fight at a middle school game. Whit. All right. Will Carr for us, unbelievable. I remember when I was a kid, my dad actually stepped in at a soccer game and told another parent to calm down, and I thought that was like the coolest thing er. The other parent was surprised, didn’t know what to do. We see so many of these cases time and time again. I get it. It’s easy to get worked up. It’s your kid but we got to model some good behavior. Fighting, throwing punches. I mean, come on. Never a good look. Exactly. Coming up here on “Good

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