WATCH: Video shows inside of bus in China before it fell off bridge


Transcript for Video shows inside of bus in China before it fell off bridge

overseas to the shocking and deadly bus crash in China. An argument between a passenger and driver turning physical. The driver losing control and plunging over the bridge. Here’s Julia Mack far — Macfarlane with the video, which we warn is disturbing. Reporter: It’s the astonishing bus crash, plunging off a bridge, caught on camera, that’s shocked China. Security camera footage from on board, just released by Chinese authorities, shows the passenger shouting at the driver, smacking him with her cellphone, and the driver, fighting back. You can hear passengers screaming as the driver veers left, into oncoming traffic. A driver’s dashboard camera recording as that bus collides with passing car and falls 164 feet off a bridge over the yangtze river. There were 15 souls onboard, including the driver. No one survived. Divers still searching for two missing passengers. It’s a story that’s shocked the whole country since it happened on Sunday. Authorities say they released these videos to help show what happened. David, officials say the fight started when the driver missed the woman’s stop. Officials tonight blaming both the driver and that passenger for this tragedy. David? Thank you.

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