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President trump is spending this veteran’s day in France where he attended a ceremony marking the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I. Terry Moran is in Paris. With the details. Terry. Good morning. Good morning, guys. It’s another gray and rainy day in Paris. The city is still somber for the anniversary of World War I. President trump joining 60 other world leaders for a beautiful ceremony behind me. The president also sharing a hand shake with Vladimir Putin although the two did not speak. President macron gave the only speech here. It was a remarkable rebuke of things that president trump stands for. Macron declaring the memory of the awful war shows how in his words nationalism which president trump has embraced is the betrayal of true patriotism. There was business done as well here. President erdogan of Turkey speaking with president trump. They spoke of the murder of khashoggi. President erdogan saying his government shared an audio tape, all that putting pressure on Saudi Arabia and the U.S. Saudi alliance. Dan. Thank you. A lot to talk about this morning. Let’s bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. He’ll be hosing “This week” later this morning. Good morning guys. Trump is at that ceremony in France. He’s taking heat for missing yesterday’s ceremony commemorating the end of world War I. Other leaders made it. The white house is blaming rain. For not being able to make it. As somebody who has served in the white house, does the rain explanation make sense. The rain could have grounded the helicopter. That wouldn’t have stopped him from driving. It was about 55 miles. Not only other foreign leaders but general Kelly made it to the ceremony. I guess the president for whatever reason, maybe he was exhausted just didn’t want to go yesterday. Five days — on another subject, this is a subject that’s getting the president’s attention. He’s tweeting about it. Five days after the election, looks like the Republicans may not have gained as much in the senate as we thought. We’ve got recount in Florida and in Arizona the Democrat is making gains. What does the smaller majority mean to the president? It’s still a bigger majority than they had. No matter what, even the worst case scenario, which I think is unlikely, the Republicans pick up one seat. They go from 51 to 52. That’s still strong. The president had hopes on Tuesday night when it looked like he might be able to win Montana. We didn’t know about Nevada and Arizona. He had hopes the Republicans would pick up three, four, five seats. That’s not going to happen. Right now. They’ll still have control. Much more significant to the president, the Democrats look like they could take 40 seats in the house. Solid control for the Democrats. That’s trouble for the president. You’ve got some leading Democrats on the show this morning to talk about possible investigations of the president. Axios reporting that house Democrats — this is their quote. Democrats plan to investigate whether president trump abused power by targeting the “Washington post” and CNN. How significant is this? That’s the president calling the media the enemy of the people and whether he tried because Amazon’s Jeff bezos — it’s about whether he interfered in the CNN merger. What’s significant is basically because the president had his own party in control, he had two years without any oversight or investigations at all. That all changes once the Democrats take control. Those are two issues. The emoluments clause is another issue. Whether the Democrats might get the president’s tax returns. There’s a whole host of policy issues. It’s a brand new world. Still as wild as the one we’ve been covering for the last two years. George Stephanopoulos, thank you very much. George has a big show this morning. He’s going to speak with Elijah Cummings and Jerrold Nadler the incoming chairs of two key committees who may lead investigations of the trump administration. Plus he’ll going one on one with kellyanne Conway. It’s all coming up on “This week.” That’s right here on ABC.

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