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Now to our series on how to beat burnout and find that work/life balance. According to linked in, more than half of people admit to having career-related stress. Stephanie Ramos look a look at two viewers who have come out on the other side. Reporter: Totally burned out? Sound familiar? Now is the time to take control and turn your life from hectic to healthy. There is a nice balance to my life that I’ve worked toward. Reporter: The secrets to overcoming burnout? 24-year-old Victoria says she’s on the path to banning it. She started to get a George grip on her life after an anxiety attack during college. It’s been that idea of giving myself time the same way I would give time to other people. Reporter: Talking to a counselor and learning to prioritize self-care have been key to her success. When I could feel that anxiety start to build was to take a minute and go outside and it really relieves that feeling. I’ll do things like reading instead of scrolling through my emails and then, you know when I’m home I got a journal, it also gives me time to check in with myself. Take a deep breath before I like keep rushing from one thing to the next. I remember just feeling run down. Reporter: For Miriam putting life on pause ultimately helped her beat her burnout. I needed to learn how to regain my breath, the physical signs that my body was giving me made me sort of stop in my tracks and decide that maybe it was time to take a pause. Reporter: Miriam says after 34 years of hard work, stepping away from her demanding job and having less of a plan was a plan in itself. One of the things I try to do now is to work out so I go to spin. Today yoga. As a woman in an executive role you’re constantly asked about work/life balance and I find that to be a setup because there is no thing. You make different choices in different chapters of your life and I reached air chapter where I wanted to make a different choice. She says taking time away from work allowed her to reclaim her life and her time. And devoted to what brings her happiness, her family. Burnout is a process. Even not working, I think, you can find ways to stress yourself, forget super busy or super active, it’s about finding your own sense of what matters to you. Reporter: For “Good morning America,” Stephanie Ramos, ABC news, New York. Joining us now is the author of “The big lie.” Ann shoket. Good to have you back. Thank you. Two lovely women, different ages, different stages in their career but you say they have one thing in common that really helps. They took the long view. They took the long view of their career. We are so stressed about putting points on the board. Where should we be when they’re 30 or 40 or 50? The idea of all the things we should do. And those women are so inspiring to me because they prioritize the things that they want to do. Right. That is the difference and that is what combined them which is the thing they had in common. You said that there’s something that we should ask ourselves and ask that of our audience members. I did. What was that? When you’re feeling burnt out in the middle of the most stressful day think of the one thing that brings you joy and just savor that moment. So we asked the audience to share their thing and it’s not something big. I love it. My dog Rex, working out, warm weather coming soon, yes, key. New recipes. Backstreet boys, they are coming this week to “Gma.” You’ll have to come back. Just it will break you out of that downward spiral of negative thoughts in the middle of the day. It doesn’t have to be something big or grand. Just the one thing. I love to have dinner with my girlfriends. That to me is my moment of joy. I know and I had that joy with you because I remember having dinner with all your friends and these dynamic women and it brought me joy. Thank you. You have something you want to show us here. So, above all else, we have to prioritize our own self-care. Everybody comes ahead of us and we can get so burnt out. Imagine that this rope is your life. And when you’re taking care of yourself everything is all neatly bundled and taken care of but when you are burned out you are all loose ends and all frayed ends and you have to prioritize yourself. I don’t mean get a Manny owe pedestriani or have a spa day. That’s not what we’re talking about here. It’s just about eating well, treating yourself nicely, read a book. Little things like that. Make ourselves the priority. Yes. All right, Ann, thank you so much.

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