WATCH: Police investigating after video emerges of armed suspects threatening officers


Transcript for Police investigating after video emerges of armed suspects threatening officers

And police officers in Chicago are being warned after disturbing video show an armed man making threats about killing cops with a second man also flashing a gun. And now police are searching for the suspect. ABC’s Marci Gonzalez is live with the latest. Good morning. Reporter: Guy, good morning. Those threats made against police in general as well as an unsuspecting officer seen driving in one of those videos. Investigators say they are taking these threats very seriously. This morning, Chicago police searching for the men in these viral videos threatening to shoot police. We’re going to kill them. Reporter: The videos reposted on a police support Facebook page called Chicago code blue. The first now has 1.4 million views. In it, the two men flash guns and make repeated threats about the officer in the SUV next to them. I’m going to shoot him in public. Reporter: In the second post, one of the men denies that was him in the initial video. That video fake. Whoever made that, I’m going to kill y’all. Reporter: And makes threats against law enforcement. Like they are going to do anything to me. Reporter: The social media team discovered the videos almost instantly and shared them internally with all officers, warning them to be on alert. It’s very important for all of us standing here to track social media because that’s how a lot of things get started. Reporter: And investigators say they know who the men are, but they aren’t releasing their names because charges have not been filed. Police are trying to find them so they can question them about these videos. Dan? Marci, thank you.

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