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Backck now with a new health alert about the flu. The virus has claimed the life of a child in New York City, the second pediatric flu death this season. Diane Macedo has at latest. Just a week after an otherwise healthy child died in Florida now we have a second death in New York City, just the beginning of the flu season. A second child is dead from the flu. This time in New York City. Sadly, I want to report that we have one pediatric death so far in the city. Every year we see between zero and eight children die because of the flu. Pediatric deaths from the flu are not unusual. They are sad reminders of the consequences of not getting immunized. Reporter: Last week the Florida department of health reported the season’s first pediatric flu death. The child died after testing positive for influenza B. The center for disease control estimated last season in the United States, over 180 children died from the virus. Now the CDC says everyone over 6 months old should get the flu vaccine as soon as possible calling it the best way to protect against influenza and its potentially series consequences. Xofluza could lessen the effects if taken at the first sign of flu symptoms. While we know it helps defend from getting the flu it could lessen the chance of dying from it by up to 60%. So important. Thanks very much. Dr. Jen Ashton is here now, as well. Hard to fathom it’s unusual that — They are very important. 80% of the pediatric deaths last season occurred in unvaccinated children. So, this is not hype. This is not fearmongering. A lot of these tragic pediatric deaths are preventible and think children otherwise healthy have such a massive immune response to this infection it does damage and winds up becoming fatal. The warning signs? I think this is important. If you have an infant, toddler, child, having trouble breathing, their ribs are retracting and having skin color changes around their mouth or nailbeds, they have a change in mental status, they become confused or start babbling or can’t take in fluids that’s a medical emergency. You can’t take this for granted. Jen, thanks very much. We’ll put good in your

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