WATCH: New study reveals quality sleep helps prevent heart diseases


Transcript for New study reveals quality sleep helps prevent heart diseases

Welcome back to “Gma” and in today’s “Weekend download,” it’s sog we dream of, getting enough sleep but a new study reveals why quality rest is so important, it can even protect us against heart disease. Joining us with what we’re learning about this is our chief health correspondent Dr. Jen Ashton. Always a pleasure, as usual. Good morning, whit. And the question is that why the sleep is so important. Exactly, it’s really about the mechanism and this was a new study just came out in the journal “Nature” and what they found is that mice that were sleep deprived developed hardening of their arteries faster, thicker, larger than mice that were not sleep deprived, so it’s really that connection between brain hormones, the bone marrow, measures of inflammation and this is really telling us why not getting enough sleep is so bad for our health. Exactly, and so many adults and kids suffering from this issue. Beyond heart disease what are some of the other key risks we need to keep in mind? The list is so long, whit. It increases the risk of high blood pressure, stroke, of obesity, of anxiety and depression, and I want to be clear, sleep has a pr problem. We think of it as a luxury. It is a medical necessity. Adults need about 8 hours a night. Teenagers need over 9 and you can’t make up for that on the weekends so you really need to commit to getting that every single day. And it seems like people are looking for simple solutions, Eva — pills, like one step of the problem. What are key things to keep in mind? It has to start with the behavioral stuff and set a sleep schedule and you need to stick to it. One really important thing, power down off all those electronics about an hour before sleep so TV, devices, anything with a screen and then the environment is really important. Your bedroom should be dark, it should be cool, and it should be quiet. All right. Dr. Ashton, always a pleasure. Thank you so much.

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