WATCH: Meghan McCain and actor Joe Mazzello bond over losing their fathers to glioblastoma


Transcript for Meghan McCain and actor Joe Mazzello bond over losing their fathers to glioblastoma

Okay, so before we go, I just want to talk to you, Joe. You and I are — can I say friends now? Yes, I would love to say that. We have a very unique and dark connection. Your dad Joe passed away from the same glioblastoma brain cancer that my dad did. Yeah. It was really soon right before my dad did. Sorry. Every time I think I’ve stopped crying about this I just keep crying. But I read a Facebook post that you put up after your father passed that really gave me great comfort and I think it was so beautiful and you talked about how it was a privilege to take care of our fathers in that state. I just want to thank you and I just want to know what you would say to people right now with this opportunity for the same people that are our age taking care of our dads the way that we had to. Boy, um, first of all, you know, I’m so glad that I brought you some comfort but you brought me comfort because I posted that the day after my dad died. Then for you to share that on this platform which is huge, I got thousands of messages from people who were dealing with the same thing, either them directly or their family member, taking care of a family member. That brought me so much comfort because there was such a sense of community there because it’s so lonely as of course you know. For people who are dealing with it, a lot of it was watching my dad decline and him just being like on so much medication that made him sort of loopy and then watching the physical and mental decline was hell at times. It is a hell. I would go through it again in a heartbeat if I could have him back. You know what I mean? Sure. So don’t take a day for granted, even if it’s difficult, even if you feel like you just can’t go on or you just can’t take seeing someone you love go through something like that. Just keep caring for them and just make every moment last. I have to say, I was making this movie when this was all going on with with my dad so this movie will always be very special. I got to facetime him every single night from London. It gave him something to be hopeful about. It gave him something to be excited to talk to me about, and I never would have gotten through that experience without these guys here sitting next to me. And you really lean on your friends and your family and know that you’ll get through it together and just give all the love to whoever is suffering that you can every single day and you won’t have any regrets. Thank you. I’m sorry to turn your beautiful, fun movie into something sad. No, appreciate it. Thank you very much for coming. Our thanks to rami, Joe and gwilym. “Bohemian rhapsody” is in theaters today.

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