WATCH: ISIS caliphate struggles to hold on to final village stronghold in war-ravaged Syria


Transcript for ISIS caliphate struggles to hold on to final village stronghold in war-ravaged Syria

Overseas tonight, we have been reporting here on the final push against ISIS territory in Syria, amid talk from the president that he wants U.S. Troops out of Syria. Tonight, ISIS is pushing back, releasing new video of their assault on those u.s.-backed kurdish troops. ABC’s James Longman tonight with the images. He’s inside Syria again for us. Reporter: The so-called ISIS caliphate may be dying, but its fighters are clinging on tonight. Their propaganda shows them hitting their targets. But their celebrations sound desperate, as they struggle to hold onto the town of baghouz, the last isis-held village in war-ravaged Syria. As they battle with U.S. Backed forces, proof of the ISIS nightmare becomes ever clearer. Sadiq escaped two months ago from the towns now on the front line. “Under ISIS, we had no food, no medicine,” he says. His wife and children close to starvation. 6-month-old twins Samira and Mohammad, children born in the caliphate. Their mother says she was eating grass to survive, producing no milk. “I had to choose,” she says, “Die of hunger or risk death in escape.” President trump wants U.S. Troops to leave Syria. But if they do, many we met are wondering, will the nightmare return? With the so-called caliphate on its last legs, people here in refugee camps like this will be hoping they can go home. But what will they go home to? This may be the end of the battle with ISIS for now, but it’s not the end of the organization. David? All right, James Longman and our team inside Syria tonight.

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