WATCH: Indonesia plane crashed in more than a 100 feet of water


Transcript for Indonesia plane crashed in more than a 100 feet of water

We want to turn to breaking news. Authorities looking into the crash of an Indonesian airliner announcing new progress in their investigation. ABC’s Julia Mcfarlane joins us from London and our bureau there with the very latest. Julia, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, whit. Yes, divers have told Indonesian authorities that two engines and more landing gear have been spotted on the sea floor. That plane crashed in more than 100 feet of water and strong currents have really complicated the search for clues. Early this week there was a breakthrough. The flight data recorder was recovered on Thursday and now a low ping signal has been detected by sonar. Now, officials believe this could be the black box voice recorder, and it may have audio from inside the cockpit. Now, officials hope that as more discoveries are made, it may explain why the jet crashed on Monday. 189 people were on board that aircraft, all of whom were killed. Let’s get it back over to

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