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Right now an inspiring story from robin’s digital series about a mom named Julie who lost her 9-year-old son Zach to a form of leukemia. I was talking to ginger about this on “Gma” live and I discuss can’t imagine as a parent going through this but this woman is — cease’s incredible. She has turned the pain of grief into action and now you know what, she’s changing lives. Three, two, one. Go. I think it’s hard for any parent who’s lost their child to ever say I’m thriving. I think — I like the word defying. That night leaving the hospital room for the last time I’m like, this is not over. This is not over. Over the course of this whole thing I have learned too much. I have made too many good contacts and I just had too much knowledge that I could not just walk away and leave that. I needed to take that and use that for a higher purpose. Julie is a shining example of what one person can do. She’s raised millions of dollars. She allowed everyone to collaborate and to be helpful. You’re already beating aml. There are lessons learned interest that. I didn’t want Zach’s story to just be a tragedy and to be honest, also, you know, it’s a little bit of a way to keep him alive. Just the simple act of helping somebody else, I know it’s like a total cliche, but giving, it really fills you up. It is band-aids for the soul. I love how she said that. Band-aids for the soul. And she has raised multimillions. She has brought families together and given people so much hope and I’m looking forward to speaking with her and talking a little bit more on her on Facebook live right after the program. We’re definitely tuning in. Her energy is contagious and her defiance. I know because she was reluctant when I said, hmm, she doesn’t feel that way but she’s defiant and it’s secret — everybody has something. I love this series. Thank you, robin. Again, Facebook live right after the program on “Gma” live too we’ll do a little something with Julie

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