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Transcript for Harley Pasternak’s tips to transform your body in just 5 minutes a day

Michael, you getting a five-minute working. I’m so in. Come on over, ginger. It is time for our series “Fast fixes for 2019” and this morning is all about fitness. My man here, Harley Pasternak is a fitness guru and best-selling author of “The body reset diet.” You have a full body workout where you can do it — you set your muscles on fire. Absolutely and this is the beginning of the year, 2019, people make excuses. I can’t get to the gym. I don’t have lots of equipment. I don’t have the time. Today I’ll show you how to take five of my favorite exercises, combine them into two. Alternate every other day, five minutes, you’re done. Five minutes, you could be done. The first are doing five different exercises. The first thing we do is a bent over row reaching down all the way. She’s squeezing from her shoulder blades right up here, great upper back exercise then we have a stiff leg deadlift for the hamstring, butt, lower back. Both of these pull the body back, create the illusion of having a longer leaner physique and we can combine both of these. You’re going to combine both of these for both of us right here. Grab these dumbbells. You’ll get in position. We’ll throw your hips back, when you’re down there you do a row, back down and then back up. Back down, row, reach and back up. So if we’re to do this for a minute and a minute off, a minute off and a minute that’s five minutes. You’ll have three sets, you will be tired. Your hamstrings. I’m tired already. Let’s move on. Okay, what do we have next? Seated clam shells or abductions. Use a hip circle. You can get them online for $2, the rubber ones, I wrote my name with a marker on it so no one steals it. This hits the outside of the hip. Important for balance and rounds out the side of the butt. Then we have a hip thrust, such a simple movement to do lying on the ground driving up through your heels and keeping shoulder blades down. This hits the glut maximus, the big part of the butt and hamstrings. We like to maximize that. A lying down extension. Can you do it on the ground and it’s a simple movement that hits the back of the arm or the triceps. You don’t need help there. Yes, I do. You’ll show us how to combine three of these. Put your head down here. We’ll throw the hip circle over your legs, put it above the knee. For those at home, it’s a really simple piece of equipment, get it online and grab the two dumbbells, we’re going to start off with your arms to the ceiling and hips up the ceiling. This is the starting position. From here we lower the dumbbells and hips at the same time so hits triceps, butt. How does it feel? It feels great. How long am I supposed to do it? One minute, everyone, one minute. Got timers, everyone? Look, these are really important exercises. You do these every other day. You still need to walk, everybody, you still need to walk, you till need to hit at least 10,000 steps a day. All my clients, I make sure to give them an activity to monitor. Eat, sleep and move like this. I tell you what, I’m glad you’re done talking so I can stop. Whoo. That’s a workout. Robin and I — can you do this in five minutes. Let me tell you, you really can. I feel the burn. Thank you, man. Oh. And coming up, take-out fakeout. How to put a healthy spin on

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