WATCH: Blind reverend regains sight after living 14 years in the dark


Transcript for Blind reverend regains sight after living 14 years in the dark

Finally tonight, one man’s amazing grace. Spending years in darkness. Now at last what he calls the miracle. Lately, you’ll find Charleston, West Virginia, resident Philip Dunn flipping through old photos. He’ll tell you he’s living in the past, and it’s completely fine by him. The last clear vision I had of my daughter was her high school graduation. Reporter: When he was 45 years old, Dunn was diagnosed with cataracts and even worse, macular degeneration. The doctor said, “You know, it’s not that bad. It probably won’t give you trouble for years.” Reporter: But Dunn says within months, he started seeing black dots in the center of his vision that eventually turned into blindness, that was 14 years ago. I was really upset. I was thinking about all the things I had lost. And the lord just reminded that I still had a wife. I still had two kids. I still had a home. Reporter: Dunn never gave up hope. Something even what he calls a miracle could happen to him. This past August, I started having real severe headache in my left eye. Reporter: Dunn says a cataract ruptured. He needed surgery, and doctors thought when they removed it, eventually he would only be able to see some light. But as he was recovering, Dunn says what he hoped and prayed for happened right before his eyes. I pulled the patch off. And my eye was swollen shut. And so I just kind of pried it open. And I could see light. I was excited about that. I just popped it open all the way. I could see. It was surreal. Because I haven’t seen for so long. That’s when I went into the kitchen, and I saw my wife. She was the first face I’d seen in 14 years clearly. Reporter: He had never seen his grandchildren. And though he danced with his daughter at her wedding, he never saw what it looked like. You know the dance we just practiced for years. I couldn’t really tell what she was doing, and then to be able to see me do it with her was just the dream come true. What a moment. We thank the Dunn family for sharing that story. We thank you for watching.

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