Walton townhouse project gets green light in Pointe-Claire


Pointe-Claire residents are disappointed after learning the city is allowing developers to build townhouses as part of the Walton project, on the site of an old strip mall at 110 Walton Avenue.The city’s demolition committee voted two to one in favour of the project in spite of traffic and safety concerns.The main argument against the project is that the proposed 24 townhouses were not the right fit for the single-home style neighborhood.READ MORE: Pointe-Claire approves Walton strip mall demolition but nixes townhouse developmentAfter a public outcry, the developer tweaked the design, cutting the project to 20 townhouses.The revamped design includes a public park and architectural changes more in line with the rest of the area.Watch below: The City of Pointe-Claire decided it will rework the lot of the Walton Avenue strip mall but refused the proposed plan of a housing development. 

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