‘Unjust and arbitrary’: Québec Solidaire calls out government over 18,000 cancelled immigration files


Québec Solidaire added its voice to the mounting opposition to Bill 9 — the Coalition Avenir Québec’s immigration bill — on Sunday.Tabled two weeks ago at the National Assembly by Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette, the proposed legislation is aimed at changing how the province accepts immigrants. The bill includes the implementation of a French language test and a Quebec values test.Jolin-Barrette also announced the cancellation of 18,000 immigration applications filed under the Regular Skilled Worker Program.Global NewsHelp us improve Globalnews.caGlobal NewsTake the survey now!Story continues below

Speaking at a rally organized in support of the affected immigrants, Québec Solidaire MNA Andrés Fontecilla called the decision “unjust and arbitrary.”READ MORE: ‘Tinder of immigration’: Quebec outlines plan for how to welcome newcomersFontecilla’s message was echoed by fellow MNA Ruba Ghazal.“We feel like the government is making bad decisions, as if they don’t understand how the immigration system works,” she said.Québec Solidaire is accusing the government of not upholding its end of the bargain, arguing that the concerned immigrants played by the rules, filing all the required paperwork in what is sometimes a long and arduous process.“They are following qualified worker programs so they did all that they should do, and some of them are learning French,” she said. “Unfortunately, the government did as if, ‘OK what you did is not important, start again.’”Québec Solidaire is not alone in its thinking: a group of immigration lawyers has filed for an injunction to stop the cancellation of the applications.WATCH: Fighting Quebec’s immigration bill

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