Tory senator must be removed after telling truckers to ‘roll over every Liberal’: MP


Liberal MP Ali Ehsassi is calling on Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer to boot a senator out of his caucus following controversial remarks made earlier this week.In a statement Saturday, Ehsassi said Saskatchewan Sen. David Tkachuk must be removed after Tkachuk told a rally of truckers outside Parliament on Tuesday to “…roll over every Liberal left in the country… Because when they’re gone, these bills are gone.”Global NewsHelp us improve Globalnews.caGlobal NewsTake the survey now!Story continues below

The comment, made at the controversial pro-pipeline rally called United We Roll, prompted outcry from several people who likened it to inciting violence.READ MORE: Canada’s top civil servant fears ‘somebody’s going to be shot’ during next election campaignTkachuk refused to apologize and said criticism was “manufactured outrage.”In a statement shared with Global News on Thursday, Tkachuk said his remarks were meant to be taken “figuratively, not literally” and that a video shared on social media did not include his full remarks on two environmental bills that he said would harm the oil and gas industry.“When I said I wanted them to roll over every single Liberal, I meant it figuratively not literally. I was referring to defeating every single Liberal in the upcoming election,” the statement read.“I was not advocating violence and I think everybody knows that, except those for whom it serves a purpose to interpret them otherwise; certainly, the people at the rally knew what I meant.”Tkachuk’s explanation was not enough to quell criticism from Ehsassi.WATCH: Truck convoy rolls through Calgary on the way to Ottawa

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