The Spookiest Halloween and Day of the Dead 2020 Cocktails in Miami

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Double, double, toil and trouble, Halloween 2020 is upon us… Better make it a double!

Like most holidays in 2020, Halloween will look a lot different from years past. Gone are the days of crammed nightclubs and carefree trick-or-treating at the mall. But that doesn’t mean the spooky season is dead and buried.

South Florida’s bartenders are modern-day conjurers, brewing up eerie libations that are sure to revive the deadest of Halloween spirits. From vampy, blood-red elixirs to ghostly old-fashioneds, celebrate Halloween and the Day of Dead with one — or two — of these ghoulish tipples.

Sippable pumpkins at 1-800-LuckyEXPAND

Sippable pumpkins at 1-800-Lucky

Photo courtesy of 1-800-Lucky

The Pumpkin Patch at 1-800-Lucky

143 NW 23rd St. Miami

Skip the pumpkin spice latte and hightail it to 1-800-Lucky for its boozy, Pumpkin Patch cocktail ($13). Crafted with Crop Harvest pumpkin vodka, Licor 43, and a touch of coconut cream, this creamy concoction is smooth and spicy. The limited-edition cocktail will be available October 27 through November 1.

Spooky sips at Bakan this Halloween weekendEXPAND

Spooky sips at Bakan this Halloween weekend

Photo courtesy of Bakan

Adorned with a tiny doll and ladder, The Wall ($14) cocktail is a liquid metaphor of the soul’s journey to the afterlife in celebration of the Mexican Day of the Dead holiday. The raven-hued potion, served in a crystal skull, is a zesty marriage of activated charcoal, mezcal, and pineapple juice. It serves as the perfect, spooky accessory with or without a costume. Available October 27 through November 1.

The Devil Wears NadaEXPAND

The Devil Wears Nada

Photo courtesy of Deyson Rodriguez

The Devil Wears Nada at Black Market Miami

168 SE First St., Miami

The Devil Wears Nada pictured above, is the essence of Halloween conjured into a glass. Featuring Tullamore D.E.W XO Caribbean rum cask finished whiskey, Campari, and a dash of grenadine, the vibrant cocktail is then garnished with a set of chili pepper horns, and a skull-shaped ice cube ($13). Available October 27 through November 1.

Don't fear the reaper, opt for Chotto-Matte's the Soul Taker cocktail instead.EXPAND

Don’t fear the reaper, opt for Chotto-Matte’s the Soul Taker cocktail instead.

Photo courtesy of Chotto Matte

Dia de los Muertos Cocktails at Chotto-Matte

1664 Lennox Ave., Miami Beach

Head over to Chotto-Matte to experience the Dia De Los Muertos cocktail menu. Drinks include the Soul Taker, a spirit-forward tipple comprised of La Adelita tequila repasado, Del Maguey mezcal, demerara syrup, and orange bitters, crowned with an orange peel ($18); or opt for the Vampire Ritual, a tart melange of La Adelita reposado, Chambord liqueur, passion fruit puree, cherries, and a lemon twist ($18). Available October 31 through November 2.

Cheers to the spirits with the FlanTasma at FinkaEXPAND

Cheers to the spirits with the FlanTasma at Finka

Photo courtesy of Gio Gutierrez of @Chatchowtv

Cheers to the spirits this Halloween at Finka with their FlanTasma cocktail. The haunted old fashioned blends Havana Club Añejo rum, flan syrup, and chocolate bitters ($12). Don’t get spooked by the friendly ghost nestled inside. Available October 27 through November 1.

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