Singapore actor killed on military service


Singaporean actor Aloysius Pang has died of injuries sustained while on military training in New Zealand. He was 28.

Pang was known for his appearance in movies and also had a string of credits in Singapore TV series.

Pang was involved in an accident last week, while repairing a large mobile gun called a howitzer.

His organs were crushed when the gun barrel was lowered.

Pang was given surgery and kept in an artificially induced coma in New Zealand, but died from his injuries.

His body will be returned to Singapore. A committee will investigate the circumstances of the accident.

Singapore operates a system of compulsory national service.

Pang used Twitter on January 5 to tell his fans that he had been called up for reserve duty and would be heading abroad for a while.

“Off to serve our country. Back at the end of the month! May not be able to post much when I’m there so ???? yeah =),” he said.

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