Resilient insect newly discovered in B.C. cave may be survivor from Ice Age

Canada Science

A newly discovered cave-dwelling species of insect found in British Columbia could be a survivor from the last ice age, scientists say.READ MORE: The bugs we need — bees, ladybugs, butterflies — appear to be dying off, scientists sayHaplocampa wagnelli, the arthropod found in a limestone cave near Port Alberni on Vancouver Island, is about three to four millimetres long, with six legs, no eyes, and a whitish, almost transparent colour.This #NewSpecies of #dipluran from the island of #Vancouver (Canada) has either spent the Last Glacial Maximum period in caves deep below a sheet of ice or has travelled transcontinentally.See: @Eurekalert@UAHes #Diplura #Biodiversity #Taxonomy #Zoology— Subterranean Biology (@subtbiol) February 5, 2019
Alberto Sendra, lead author of a study published in the journal Subterranean Biology on Tuesday, said the little bug’s existence opens up possibilities of how species survive in different climates and conditions.“This is a very intriguing species because it looks like it lived underground in caves – for more or less a long time,” Sendra said in an interview.WATCH: Monarch butterfly count increases 144 per cent

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