Quebec City mosque shooting: Commemoration marks 2nd anniversary of tragedy


The mosque shooting in Quebec City may have happened two years ago, but for people in Quebec City, it’s something that stays with them — and will likely remain with them for the foreseeable future.“People need to remember what happened and remember at the end of the day, we’re all just humans,” said Kenza Tarek, a Muslim student at l’Université Laval.READ MORE: Quebec City mosque shooting: Remembering the victims and moving on 2 years laterOn occasion, Tarek said, she felt Islamophobia could be a problem in the city, a problem she says has ebbed and flowed the aftermath of a mosque shooting that injured 19 and killed six.The second-annual commemoration was held at Laval University, organized by an ad hoc committee of concerned citizens of many different stripes.WATCH: Quebec City remembers victims of mosque shootings on 2nd anniversary

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