Parc Safari in Hemmingford welcomes baby giraffe, asks public for help with name


Parc Safari in Hemmingford, Que. announced the arrival of a new baby giraffe on Tuesday.The infant, a female, was born Nov. 8 to mother Kigalie and her late father, Molson.Francis Lavigne, the zoo’s director, helped Kigalie as she was birthing the 90-kg, 6′ 3″ baby.READ MORE: Parc Safari: Leopards, lions and hippos, oh my!Lavigne said the event brought a lot of joy to his team, especially in light of Molson’s passing, who died last spring due to complications related to old age.“Needless to say, that loss greatly affected our team, and the arrival of the baby giraffe is a balm to the heart,” Lavigne said in a written statement.The birth of a baby giraffe — only the third such birth in the last 25 years — is a rare thing at Parc Safari.WATCH: Giraffe safe despite California wildfires

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