More signs taken down over Melbourne roads


Two more signs over Melbourne roads will be taken down as part of an audit to find out what caused one to come crashing down on a woman’s car.

The signs hang on gantries along the City Link and the West Gate Freeway and will be removed on Sunday night because of their similarity to the one that crashed down on driver Nella Lettieri on Tuesday.

“Their removal forms part of further assessments and will assist in the findings of the investigation, together with three signs that were removed last night,” VicRoads said in a statement.

Those three signs passed engineering assessments and showed no signs of deterioration or stress, VicRoads said.

Earlier on Sunday VicRoads deputy chief executive Robyn Seymour said the signs were not removed due to concerns of falling, rather just to aid the investigation.

“There are no signs of stress or deterioration on those signs. It is to aid the investigations that we get to the bottom of what went wrong on Tuesday,” she told reporters on Sunday.

“If there were any concerns about the safety of that corridor, we would be shutting the road.”

CPB Contractors, which was used by Transurban, installed the signs as part of the CityLink-Tullamarine Widening Project.

Other signs constructed by the same company remain along the corridor.

An audit of the other 17 gantries with similar sign support had been finished with no signs of stress or deterioration, Major Projects Victoria program director David Clements said.

But Mr Clements said the investigation into the falling sign was still under way.

“We are working through with engineers conducting some reassessment and re-engineering of that original design of that sign and connections,” he said, unable to give a time frame.

“There is also detailed material testing that is being conducted.”

Acting Premier James Merlino told reporters the Tullamarine Freeway audit would end on Sunday with a probe on gantries over other roads to take place over the next two weeks.

Dashcam footage from a vehicle behind shows the force of the giant sign, moving Ms Lettieri’s car even though she had slammed on her brakes.

She escaped serious injury but the weight of the sign crushed her car, shattering the windscreen and scattering glass across the highway. No other cars were hit.

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