Midwest braces for coldest temperatures in decades


As a winter storm moves through the Midwest and toward the Northeast, 31 states are under advisories and alerts Monday morning for snow, wind and extreme cold.

All Minneapolis public schools are closed Monday due to the heavy snow in the Midwest Monday, which will soon leave Minneapolis to head east toward Chicago and Detroit.

The same storm and a cold front will swing south and east Monday night into Tuesday, potentially delivering a rare snowfall to Atlanta, Birmingham and Jackson, Mississippi.

One to three inches of snow coupled with a flash freeze could paralyze major cities like Atlanta on Tuesday.

The storm will then move north and east, taking snow Tuesday to the Northeast, mostly away from the coastline.

Six to 12 inches of snow is expected from Pennsylvania to Maine, mostly in the inland areas.

New York City, Washington and Boston will likely just see rain, but a light amount of snow is possible later Tuesday night.

Following that winter storm, the Midwest may see its coldest air since the mid-1990s early Wednesday.

Winds chills are forecast to plummet to minus 51 degrees in Minneapolis, minus 47 degrees Chicago, minus 34 in Detroit and minus 23 in St. Louis.

That cold air is likely to spread into the Gulf Coast and East Coast, where the wind chill in Atlanta may reach 16 degrees and New York City’s wind chill may be just 1 degree.

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