Kurdish protesters storm Turkish military camp in Iraq

A smoke rises from vehicles after protesters stormed a Turkish military camp near Dohuk, Iraq Image copyright Reuters
Image caption Civilians stormed a Turkish military camp near Dohuk, Iraq

At least one person has died and 10 have been injured after an angry crowd stormed a Turkish military camp in Iraq’s Kurdish region.

Residents set light to vehicles and buildings in protest against Turkish airstrikes in the area, which are said to have killed several people.

Turkey conducts frequent raids against the militant group, the PKK, which is based on the Iraqi side of the border.

It accuses insurgents of disguising as civilians to fuel conflict in the area.

Local official Najib Saeed said Turkish soldiers had shot at protesters and then left, and that the fires had caused several explosions.

He said it was not yet clear what caused the death near the regional capital Dohuk.

Turkey’s defence ministry said the attack happened as a result of “provocation by the PKK terrorist organisation”.

The Kurdish government in Erbil in northern Iraq condemned Saturday’s incident, accusing “saboteurs” of instigating the attack on the Turkish camp.

The PKK, also known as the Kurdistan Workers Party, has bases in Turkey and northern Iraq and has fought an insurgency in Turkey spanning decades.

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