Kingston war veteran celebrating 100 years and going strong


A Kingston war veteran is celebrating a milestone. Ron Ineson turned 100 on Friday. The nursing home resident sat down with Global News and a handful of well-wishers earlier in the day before his birthday party.

Ineson was born on December 7, 1918, in Leeds, England. He says he knew at around age 90 that if he was careful he might make it to the century mark.  Ineson was alert and eager to talk about his longevity.

“Mind your own business in a lot of cases. Keep your mouth shut at the right time, but open it if necessary.”

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Friday was a walk down memory lane for Ineson and a handful of others at the Rideaucrest Nursing Home. A medic in the Second World War, he is one of the last surviving Dunkirk veterans.

“It was a bad place to be. Bad memories of that place. It seemed like we were not going to get out.”

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Something near and dear to Ineson’s heart is a citation that was given to him from King George the 6th for his distinguished service. Speaking of the royal family, the veteran has also received a certificate from the current monarch Queen Elizabeth congratulating him on being the newest member of a very special club, 100 years and going strong.

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