Kelowna Robbie Burns fans fire up the bagpipes and boil the haggis


It’s a big celebration for a Scottish poet that fans consider a hero.Robbie Burns Day may be Jan. 25, but that didn’t stop the Kelowna Scotch and Fine Spirits Society (Kelowna Scotch Club) from firing up the bagpipes and boiling the haggis early on Monday night.“I have had it. I’ve smelled it. It’s not for me, but some people seem to enjoy it,” BNA Brewing executive chef Justin Best said of the haggis he had prepared for their 60 celebrating guests.While he doesn’t much care for the modest, sausage-like dish, Best was quick to point out he’s still one of “them.”“My middle name is Robert Burns!” he boasted.READ MORE: Simplex Sports helps keep your golf game sharp in the winterHaggis is like a Scottish version of meat loaf made from organ meat, suet, oats and strong spices. It’s all stuffed into a sheep’s stomach and then boiled for two hours.Among the crowd sampling the so-called delicacy, at least one person compared it to “Fancy Feast,” a cat food.WATCH: Jan. 25, 2018 — The Robert Malcolm Memorial Pipe Band celebrates Robbie Burns Day

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