Grouse Mountain rewards ‘heroes’ who rescued 8-year-old dangling from chairlift


A group of teens and Good Samaritans who rescued an eight-year-old boy from a chairlift on Grouse Mountain were honoured for their actions on Friday.The group of five boys and, as it turns out, two adults, snapped into action on Wednesday afternoon when the young boy somehow ended up dangling from one of the lifts.Cell phone video captured the group of rescuers grabbing some nearby out-of-bounds fencing, then talking the boy through removing his skis and jumping down into the waiting makeshift net.READ MORE: Teens hailed as heroes for rescuing young boy dangling from Grouse Mountain chairliftThursday afternoon, the president of Grouse Mountain met privately with the seven, where they were rewarded with honourary “Grouse Hero” passes, a complimentary season’s pass for next year, sweaters and toques.While the story so far has focused on the heroic actions of the five youth who helped catch the boy, Global News has learned of two other Good Samaritans who rushed to help as well: Peter Pian and Danielle McKinney.WATCH: Teens called heroes after Grouse Mountain rescue

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