Green Motion customers ‘billed hundreds for existing car damage’


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Media captionIn this footage a customer argues with a Green Motion inspector after being billed hundreds for a scratch he claims does not exist

Customers at one of the UK’s biggest hire car companies claim they were billed hundreds of pounds for damage they did not cause, the BBC has found.

An investigation found evidence staff at Green Motion were given incentives to charge heavy fees for damage – some of which was pre-existing.

One motorist said he was charged £1,200 for a dent mechanics said would have only cost £150 to repair.

Green Motion’s CEO said it did not endorse overcharging its customers.

Richard Lowden told BBC Inside Out: “We are not aware of any franchise that is incentivising their staff to find damage.

“This is not something that we’re familiar with nor would we endorse nor accept.”

But a whistleblower told the BBC staff at his branch exploited customers for profit.

Image caption City worker Joy Macknight said nearly £770 was taken from her credit card to pay for a small scratch on the bumper of her hire car

“We pretty much saw the people coming through the doors as ‘how much can we get out of this person?’,” the former Green Motion employee said.

“Pretty much the more money we got out of them, the more we made for ourselves.

“I knew that sometimes a scratch wasn’t even there – but I knew that if I charged them, I would then get a commission and a bonus. I was just focused on the cash really.”

The whistleblower said that after a customer paid for the damage, the car would not always be sent for repair.

“Usually, if there was a new scratch on the car we would charge the customer for it and we would actually rent the car out again, probably the next day or even the same day, a few hours later.”

That could mean staff might try to charge the next customer hiring the vehicle for the same damage, he added.

‘Charged hundreds for a tiny scratch’

Image caption Joy Macknight went online and booked a car from the company for a short summer break

Joy MacKnight was one customer who got stung by high damage fees.

When renting a car for a short holiday, Ms MacKnight said an employee told her not to worry about scuffs as “they can just buff them out”.

But when returning the car, she was told she would have to pay for a tiny scratch on the bumper of the car.

“I was stunned. I said to [the inspector] – you’ve got to be joking me,” she said.

But by the time she returned home, Green Motion had charged her credit card £769.80.

Image caption Andrew Petterson said he was forced to take a car covered in scratches and dents when Green Motion did not have any cars left

Andrew Petterson said he had a similar experience when employees forced him to pay £1,200 for existing damage.

“I was initially reluctant to take the car in question out because it was riddled with damage.

“It was in an atrocious state and all the various staff I spoke to said it was the only car they had so I ended up just keeping it for eight days”, he said.

Mr Petterson said it only got worse when he returned the car.

“The attendant discovered new significant damage which turned out to be a micro-dent on the already heavily damaged panel, which most likely was already on the car”, he said.

“They then tried to frogmarch me into the office so I could sign a liability form and pay them up to £1,200.”

Baz Ali – a mechanic unconnected to Green Motion – took a look at the damage to Mr Petterson’s car and quoted a much smaller sum of £150 for its repair.

Green Motion said there were inconsistencies between different franchises and some had been given “a little more free rein than they should have over the years”.

It said it had since lowered its damage charges and customers would now have until 10:00 the following day to report any pre-existing damage on the vehicle.

Since BBC investigations began, some people have received a full refund from Green Motion, but others may remain out of pocket.

The full investigation can be seen on BBC Inside Out London at 19:30 GMT on BBC One on Monday 28 January and for 30 days after on the BBC iPlayer.

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