From bridge design to whale toxins: SNC-Lavalin’s vast, extensive federal contracts


OTTAWA – From studies on northern transportation systems, to helping protect whales from toxins, to window washing – SNC-Lavalin has extensive federal ties amounting to tens of millions of dollars in contracts, big and small.The Montreal-based engineering and construction firm could see its revenue stream from federal contracts dry up if it’s convicted on corruption charges and subsequently ruled ineligible to receive federal work – a possibility under the government’s integrity regime.Story continues below

SNC-Lavalin also finds itself at the centre of a raging political controversy in Ottawa.READ MORE: SNC-Lavalin faces proposed class action lawsuit over remediation deal bidThe company has pushed unsuccessfully for a special remediation agreement – a type of plea bargain – that would allow it to avoid a criminal prosecution.The Trudeau government faces accusations that prime ministerial aides improperly pressured former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould to overrule the public prosecutor and make such an agreement happen.Wilson-Raybould did not overturn the prosecutor’s decision and was shuffled in January to a new cabinet portfolio, though the government denies it inappropriately leaned on her to help SNC-Lavalin.If SNC-Lavalin is eventually barred from bidding on federal contracts, it would prevent the company’s involvement in projects that touch numerous federal departments and agencies.WATCH: Liberals say they were standing up for Canadian jobs with SNC-Lavalin actions

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