Five April 2020 Music Releases From Cesar Santalo, Dyamond Doll, Donzii, and Others

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Eat, sleep, loaf, repeat. It seems like a simple formula, except we’re all losing our marbles in the process. But thanks to our trusty Miami musicians, our time at home has become a bit more tolerable with their latest releases.

There will be a time when we can enjoy live music again in the distant future, Miami. But until then, enjoy some of the best releases our city has to offer, from the extremely familiar confines of your own home.

From postpunk to hip-hop, here are five of the latest standout tracks to get you through quarantine.

Miami's Adult Programming.EXPAND

Miami’s Adult Programming.

Photo by Steph Estrada

Adult Programming, “Let It Come 2 U”

Add one dash of kook and a pinch of weird and you have Adult Programming, one of Miami’s newest and refreshing new wave/post-punk projects, courtesy of AJ Ruiz. Ruiz, who cites Interpol, Talking Heads, and of Montreal as some of his influences, packs a technicolored punch with his latest track and accompanying music video, “Let It Come 2 U.” We’re keeping our eye on this one because we have a feeling Adult Programming is about to take over. Don’t sleep on this track.

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Let Cesar Santalo's somber R&B banger, I Stay, be the vehicle to a self-induced hypnotic state.

Let Cesar Santalo’s somber R&B banger, I Stay, be the vehicle to a self-induced hypnotic state.

Photo by Silent Addy

Cesar Santalo, “I Stay”

It’s been an unrelenting Groundhog Day when time and days become mere melted illusions. But if only to mindlessly drift away for two minutes and 55 seconds, let Cesar Santalo’s somber R&B banger, “I Stay” (produced by locals Kaixen, Danny Keys, and Slncio), be the vehicle that transports you to a hypnotic state. In the press release accompanying his newest release, the Miami native reveals that in hindsight, he recognizes a link between the lyrics and our current stay-at-home reality.

Watch Donzii's video for their latest track, Burn.

Watch Donzii’s video for their latest track, Burn.

Photo by Dani Miller

Donzii, “Burn”

These days sitting on the couch, devoid of any emotion, starts to take a toll. But if there’s anything that can begin to make you feel again, it’s Donzii’s latest song, “Burn.” The groovy track, whose video was shot on an iPhone and completed in just 24 hours, is the first single off the Miami outfit’s upcoming album, due out later this year. Feeling optimistic? The band is set to play Wynwood’s III Points festival in October. The countdown is on.

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We look forward to hearing more from Miami's Dyamond Doll.EXPAND

We look forward to hearing more from Miami’s Dyamond Doll.

Photo by MC Gregor

Dyamond Doll featuring Trina, “Dwade”

Nothing sparks pure unadulterated joy like a killer hometown anthem — especially one that pays homage to one of the greatest basketball players of all time and features a bonafide Miami music legend. New to the scene, Dyamond Doll released “Dwade” in mid-March. It’s a high-energy hip-hop song that samples Wreckx-N-Effect’s hit Rump Shaker and features our Queen of the South, Trina. Now, this is how you make a quarantine bop. As if you needed more of a reason to give this song a spin, Dwyane Wade has already bestowed the Wade County blessing upon it.

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At All is Kaylan Arnold's first single in two years.

At All is Kaylan Arnold’s first single in two years.

Photo by Alexa Mercio

Kaylan Arnold, “At All”

As much as getting fresh air outdoors is vital to offset the cabin fever, so is an accompanying soundtrack. If you’re looking for a warm sonic blanket, Kaylan Arnold’s silky-smooth vocals on her latest reggae-infused R&B single, “At All,” exert a lasting calming effect and serve as a reminder that everything will be all right.

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