Distillery aims to take its award-winning vodka to national stage

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Located just south of Blaine Lake, Sask., on Highway 12, Radouga Distilleries is the largest micro distillery in the province, specializing in vodka and liqueurs.With operations having kicked off in 2014, CEO Paul Riben said he began brewing Apple Pie Liqueur in a garage. In 2019, they are in the process of expanding their staff and operations building — from 6,000 to 50,000 square feet.Story continues below

“We are going to be going national this year. It allows us to go up to 200,000 litres [of production per day],” Riben said. “Anything after that, then we would become a national company.”READ MORE: Rebellion, Minhas in dispute over resold kegsTheir regular vodka has won over a dozen awards on the international stage.“We have won 13 awards for our Provincial Vodka,” said operations manager Lawrence Eberle. “We won gold in New York (2015) in the International Wine and Spirits competition, and just last year, in 2018, we won the Consumer Choice Award as well as the Platinum Medal from the [California] Sip Awards.”They currently distribute to and have representatives in Western Canada, California, Florida and Asia. With the new facility and greater volume of production, up to 180 million litres per day, they aim to expand even further.“We are launching to three new states in the coming year, including Tennessee, Michigan and possibly New York,” Riben added.WATCH: Competition heats up for best cocktail in the Okanagan (November 2018)

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