Collisions down, revenue up since red light cameras came to London


City hall will get a glimpse of how London’s red light cameras are performing on Wednesday.The civic works committee will hear from an annual report that shows 2018 had a reduction in collisions, injuries and deaths at the 10 intersections red light cameras inhabit.Global NewsHelp us improve Globalnews.caGlobal NewsTake the survey now!Story continues below

The report also revealed more than 6,000 infractions were issued thanks to cameras, but there was an absence of data for the intersection of Oxford and Adelaide streets since the camera there was installed only late last year.READ MORE: Red-light camera installation underway in LondonFor Graham Larkin, the reduction comes as no surprise. Larkin is the executive director of Vision Zero Canada, which belongs to a multi-national road safety project that aims to achieve zero fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.Larkin told 980 CFPL that red light cameras act as a great deterrence for dangerous driving.“If someone runs a red light and gets a hefty fine … what happens is they really think twice about doing it again and the numbers go down,” Larkin said.“That happens everywhere.”WATCH: N.B. school district uses camera to catch drivers failing to stop for school buses

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