Coin commemorates 100 years since ‘Canada’s Hundred Days’


This Sunday, Remembrance Day, marks 100 years since the Allies ended fighting on land, sea and air in the First World War. Canada was among those Allies.

The Royal Canadian Mint is commemorating the moment with a limited-edition armistice $2 coin.

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Tim Hanson is with West Edmonton Coin and Stamp, which partnered with the Mint to distribute the coins.

And the commemoration of the First World War’s resolution is something collectors won’t want to miss.

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“It’s still very influential on Canadians and how we think about ourselves and our place in history,” Hanson said.

“I’ve heard people say that World War One is when Canada became a fully-fledged nation in terms of an identity.

“We went on the international stage, and participated in major events, showed people what we’re made of. That was one of the first times it ever really happened.”

On Friday, you can line up at the stage at West Edmonton Mall between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. to trade in a toonie for one of the limited edition coins. It’s likely you won’t be alone.

“I think people are still very interested in this chapter of our history, and the idea of Canada that sprouted out of it,” Hanson said. “And this little token will make a nice reminder to hold onto or pass down.”

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Canada had a stretch of accomplishments on the battlefield towards the end of the First World War. This commemorative coin will celebrate the 100 years since “Canada’s Hundred Days.”

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