Alfie Lamb death: Boy’s mother was ‘scared of partner’

Court sketch of Stephen Waterson and Adrian Hoare Image copyright Julia Quenzler
Image caption Stephen Waterson and Adrian Hoare both deny manslaughter

A mother accused of doing nothing as her son was crushed by her boyfriend’s car seat has told a jury she was “scared” of her partner.

Adrian Hoare, 23, was sitting in the back of the car when Stephen Waterson, 25, allegedly squashed Alfie Lamb, who was sitting in the rear footwell.

Ms Hoare told the Old Bailey her partner would get “annoyed or angry” and made her feel “little” as he bragged about his important family.

Both deny manslaughter.

The pair were in the car with two other adults while Alfie and another child were sitting in the rear footwell during the journey from Sutton to Croydon in south London on 1 February last year.

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Image caption Alfie Lamb had been in the rear footwell of the Audi with another child

Giving evidence, Ms Hoare told how she felt “scared” of Mr Waterson and said: “You never knew how he was going to react to things.”

She told jurors police had to be called when she lived in Gravesend, Kent, a year before Alfie was born, because of an argument she had with Mr Waterson.

After asking whether he had been seeing another woman, he ordered her to get in his car and “he started driving stupidly and he was shouting at me (that) he did not care if he killed us in the car”.

“I was scared and I eventually got him to stop the car,” she said.

Ms Hoare said her boyfriend, who is the adopted son of ex-government minister Nigel Waterson, would drop details about his family in conversations, which made her feel “little compared to him”.

When asked about Mr Waterson’s relationship with her son she said “he had got annoyed with him sometimes”.

Image copyright Met Police
Image caption Mr Waterson has told the court he only moved his seat back an inch, before moving forwards again

Earlier, he told jurors he would “never hurt a child” and did not think he “ever got angry at all with Alfie”.

However, he said Ms Hoare had “slapped” and “told off” her son during the car journey, which he thought may have been because “he was pinching her”.

The Old Bailey also heard Mr Waterson lied in messages he sent to his mother about what had happened to the boy, where he said: “I got a call saying Alfie was not well. Apparently they was in Croydon. Not know where.”

When asked why he had not told the truth, he said he did want his parents to know there were others living at his flat as they helped pay the deposit on it.

Mr Waterson denies manslaughter and the intimidation of the car’s driver Marcus Lamb.

Ms Hoare denies manslaughter, child cruelty and common assault on Emilie Williams, who was also in the car.

The couple and 19-year-old Ms Williams have pleaded guilty to conspiring to pervert the course of justice by making false statements to police.

The trial continues.

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