A Jets Writer Is Very Much Regretting His Campaign to Hire the Ex-Dolphins Coach

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Bad takes — they happen to the best of us. There is an entire Twitter account devoted to getting a good laugh at how wrong we all are when it comes to sports opinions. Sometimes, though, a take is so predictably bad, so outrageously hideous, that when said take inevitably backfires, we must, by Twitter law, gather to point it out.

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad take concerning former Miami Dolphins coach and current New York Jets coach Adam Gase that has backfired spectacularly in the face of Manish Mehta, a Jets beat writer for the New York Daily News.

Let’s pull the receipts and watch as Mehta finds out in real time that a coach who went 24-31 with the Dolphins might not have been sent from Heaven to save the New York Jets. It’s quite a journey.

It all began before Gase was hired, actually. In January — barely a week after the Dolphins’ season had ended — Mehta penned an article to say that Gase, “a bright offensive mind and terrific leader,” got a raw deal in Miami and would be the perfect man to lead the Jets.

“He’s smart, confident and doesn’t put up with any B.S.,” Mehta wrote. “He realizes that a rotten culture will destroy everything. He’s got no time for knuckleheads. The Jets hit a home run by hiring Adam Gase to be their next coach.”

Soon after the announcement, Mehta fired off a tweet that has become legendary among both Jets fans and Dolphins fans. We haven’t checked the record books, but that seems like something that may have never happened in the history of time.

Fast-forward to this week’s matchup between the Jets and Dolphins, Gase’s first game against his former team. New York is a 1-6 football team that somehow seems more of a complete mess than the Dolphins, who have dedicated the 2019 football season to being as terrible as possible without making it completely obvious that such thing is the goal.

However, the Jets are not only a bad football team, but also they had a pu-pu platter of locker room drama, front-office tug-o-war contests, and all the textbook passive-aggressiveness that comes with Gase. Let’s watch as Mehta finds out for himself what Miami Dolphins fans could have told him ten months ago: Gase ain’t it, chief.

After the Jets started 0-3, you could tell Mehta began to doubt himself. Was he wrong? Could it be? WAS THERE EVIDENCE THE JETS HAD DID A WRONG?!

After some positivity that the team would turn it around after the bye week, Mehta found himself back in his feelings as the Jets lost 31-6 to the Eagles to fall to 0-4. Poor Mehta. If only he would have listened.

Insert the “This Is Fine” meme here.

Gase is not the savior. He is now who he was in Miami — an overrated so-called offensive guru who is spectacularly bad at handling his players and takes zero blame when his teams aren’t successful. Let’s watch Mehta get all the poison out:

That was painful — but, like, a good pain. It hurts to watch someone find out Santa Claus isn’t real, but the release of endorphins while watching it is truly worth it. Everyone gets one legendary, catastrophically bad take in their life (this writer thought Anthony Davis would be a terrible NBA player), but just because the government allots you one bad take doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t get to laugh at it.

The Jets are scheduled to take on the Dolphins this Sunday at Hard Rock Stadium. Gase will be there just as he was last year. Luckily for the Dolphins, this time he will be standing on the other sidelines.

Sorry, Mehta. Dolphins fans tried to tell you. 

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